On-the-spot analysis made simple.

We are an EPFL spin-off that develops the Fiber Lab, a new generation of microfluidic test strips for decentralized multipanel testing at a consumer price tag.


We leverage a unique patent-pending manufacturing process developed at EPFL to produce ready-to-use tests strips at large scale and low cost, the FiberLab.


The FiberLab is a versatile point-of-care testing solution compatible with a variety of commercially available homogeneous laboratory assays (immuno-, enzymatic amplification, proteolytic activity).

Dip and read

The multichannel architecture streamlines sample collection and analysis using capillary action, which enables direct and localized sampling of low volumes. Quantitative results are provided within 10 min on a dedicated portable reader.

Handheld solution

We are developing a simple portable reader that fits in your pocket to deliver rapid, actionable results from a panel of biochemical indicators. Our vision is to become a leading biochemical test manufacturer that competes with lateral flow assay for multiplexed on-site testing in resource-limited environments