Multiplexed analysis with simplicity

Our test strips are functional multichannel devices that perform several laboratory tests in parallel, from a single drop of sample and with the simplicity of a pregnancy test. We leverage a unique patent-pending manufacturing process to produce low-cost test strips at large scale, which are compatible with a variety of laboratory assays.

Multicapillary design


A multi-channel architecture for passive sampling of low volumes by capillarity. No pipetting involved.


Liquid sampling initiates parallel enzymatic (inhibition, metabolites), immuno-, microbiological (fermentation, antibiotics, …), or biochemical (lactic acid, pH, …) assays


Each channel is pre-loaded with all the necessary reagents for standard laboratory assays. No additional step required.


Test readout is visible by naked eye or automatically quantified via absorbance or fluorescence measurements on a dedicated reader.

A versatile platform

We have developed recipes to integrate a variety of state-of-the art wet chemistry assays as part of our manufacturing process.

Enzymatic assays

Constituent determination (sugars, metabolites, alcohol) in biological samples and beverages


Pathogens serotyping, proteins (e.g. CRP)


Additives dosing (e.g. sulfites, total acidity, antibiotics) for food and beverage industry


Simplified culture-based identification (chromogenic media, antibiotic susceptibility)